Is the child's school mask right?

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Is the child's school mask right?

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On April 28, class one, grade one, Zifeng primary school, Qingyuan, Changsha, was taking the temperature of the students who were going to enter the classroom. 

On April 28, the first, second and third grades of Changsha primary school opened.

Some children are wearing N95 masks, some are wearing cotton masks, and some are wearing mobile lung treasures

What is the best mask for a child to wear at school? What are the precautions when wearing it?

Changsha News recently, primary and secondary schools have opened, animals have returned to the cage, during the school still need to wear masks. But is the child's mask right?

On April 28, Xue Yinan, director of Pediatrics of Hunan No. N95 mask can filter out 95% of small particles, which will definitely affect its permeability. Wear it for a long time, you may feel lack of oxygen.

In addition, if you wear N95 mask for a long time, you may even suffer from sleepiness, dizziness, chest distress and other problems, which will affect the quality of students' classes. In sports, children sweat more, breathe faster, and need more oxygen. It's not suitable to wear N95 mask which is too airtight.

Xue Yinan said that before the start of the school, the school has generally investigated the health of the students and even detected the nucleic acid. It has done sufficient disinfection and taken strict protective measures, so the school is a relatively safe environment. When students go to school, it is enough to wear disposable medical masks or surgical masks.

Experts said that due to the small size of the child's face, it is not recommended to use an adult mask. Choosing a child mask of the right size can be close to the child's mouth, nose and face, ensuring air tightness and reducing the chance of infection. When you buy masks, you must pay attention to check the fit of masks. It is better to choose masks with adjustable rope length. In addition, in the market, there are many masks with bright colors and good-looking patterns. The materials of these masks are usually activated carbon, cotton cloth, sponge, etc., which have poor resistance to viruses and are difficult to play a protective effect. They are not recommended for children.

It is worth noting that children should wash their hands before wearing masks. When wearing the mask, avoid contacting the inner side of the mask. Use both hands to press the metal strips on both sides of the nose, make the upper end of the mask close to the nose, stretch the mask downward without wrinkles, and ensure the tightness of the mask. If the mask is dirty, damaged, deformed or has peculiar smell, replace the mask in time.

Xue Yinan said that when taking classes in indoor intensive space for a long time, it is recommended to change masks frequently, and wear two or three medical masks every day. Summer is coming. Children are more likely to sweat when wearing masks. Wearing masks for a long time will cause air tightness and skin diseases, so it is recommended to change masks frequently.

Experts further reminded that in addition to wearing masks scientifically, the majority of primary and secondary school students also need to develop good personal hygiene habits, wash hands frequently, do not spit everywhere, use paper towels to block the nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing, pay attention to nutrition and food hygiene, maintain good work and rest, strengthen exercise, and enhance their immunity.

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