Global epidemic dynamics [May 4]: more than 3.5 million confirmed cases

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Global epidemic dynamics [May 4]: more than 3.5 million confirmed cases

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Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed to be up to 3529408 in May 4th at 22:45 on May 4th, of which 248025 cases died.

The case growth rate in European and American countries is still in the post peak stage. As of publication, the United States (1159245 cases), Spain (217466 cases), Italy (210717 cases), the United Kingdom (187842 cases), France (168925 cases) and Germany (165745 cases) are the six countries with the largest number of confirmed cases.

(global epidemic overview, source: Johns Hopkins University)

In addition, Russia (145268 cases), Turkey (126045 cases) and Brazil (101826 cases) are the major economies still climbing.

The following is the growth curve of countries with more than 100000 confirmed cases:

Epidemic situation

[radceway US starts to supply in a large range at a cost as low as US $1]

According to foreign media reports, this week's new crown patients in US hospitals will be able to use readcivir, which has just been authorized by US FDA for emergency use, at a cost as low as US $1. However, the efficacy of ridcivir in the treatment of new crown remains to be evaluated.

[French finance minister: must be ready to lift the blockade on May 11]

French finance minister le Maire said that it is important for France to return to work on May 11, and it is necessary to prepare for the successful lifting of the blockade on May 11. If possible, please work at home. Mr lemell also said research was under way to establish funds to support the industry.

[Dubai Expo 2020 postponed to October 2021]

On October 4 local time, the International Exhibition Bureau said that the 2020 Dubai World Expo would be postponed to October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. At present, the motion has been voted by two-thirds of the general assembly of the Bureau. The remote voting of the world expo bureau starts on April 24 and ends on May 29. Although the voting is not over yet, since the motion to postpone the Dubai World Expo has obtained two-thirds of the votes, it is basically certain that the postponement has been finalized.

[Abe declared Japan's emergency extended to May 31]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced on the afternoon of May 4 that the national emergency, which was scheduled to end on May 6, would be extended to May 31. Shinzo Abe will hold a press conference in the evening to explain the extension of the state of emergency to Japanese citizens.

[primary and secondary schools in South Korea will resume classes from May 13]

According to Yonhap news agency, Yu Yinhui, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of education of South Korea, announced at a press conference on the 4th that South Korean primary and secondary school students will return to school in batches from the 13th of this month in view of the improved situation of epidemic prevention and control in the country. Senior three students will first return to school on the 13th, and the rest of the classes will be resumed from the 20th.

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